This isn't just about you or a purchase, it's about your family, your loved ones, your friends and your legacy.  We provide our services online, by phone and fax but prefer to meet with you and provide impeccable, personal service.  We usually service Columbus, Lancaster, Logan and the surrounding areas but offer our distant clients a few options as well.  We manage the entire design and construction process to ensure a flawless experience.  Don't hesitate to call us if you need a monument in Columbus, Lancaster, Logan or the surrounding areas.

Traditional Memorials

Serpentine top dies on base remain the most popular monument shape.  It's a simple design chosen for economic reasons often chosen by our ancestors.  Throughout the cemetery you will see rows and rows of serpentine tops in different colors.  Often times people will choose this shape because its what their grandparents had, unlike 20 years ago though, we can now personalize the granite with sandblast work that will tell the story of your life.

Customized Memorials

Whether it's a personalized design I've worked many hours on with my manufacturer or a standard design I helped a family personalize with their family history, it's the personal satisfaction that I get when I've helped that family and made them happy.  We use various techniques, finish treatments and material combinations to create a detailed memorial that truly captures who you are through your family history, profession, religion, and hobbies.

Community Projects
Cremation Urns & Memorials

To honor those who have made a significant impact in your community, mark a historic occasion or create an impressive solution for architectural signage we offer a wide variety of options including bronze, brass and aluminum signs and letters.  Brick and granite offer a sturdy, timeless memorial for a lasting tribute.   We are proud to be working alongside Fairhope Hospice, Good Hope Veterans, Lost Hollow Campground and Logan High School Athletics with their projects.

A key part of the healing process is having a place to visit and look upon the memorial of a loved one.  We will help you choose the perfect way to memorialize your loved ones cremains in a personal columbarium, granite urn,  birdbath, niche or a capped cremation bevel.   Our knowledgable staff can assist you with all aspects of the cremation and memorialization process in Columbus, Lancaster, Logan and surrounding areas.


A mausoleum presents the family with a sheltered area of peace and serenity to visit the deceased, and provides your loved ones with an admirable and impressive final resting place.  Whether its a sepulcher or garden-style mausoleum, a grand vestibule or walk-in mausoleum we specialize in guiding you through the creation of your legacy in granite, glass, bronze and stone that is guaranteed to last forever.  We can assist in creating your lasting monument in Columbus, Lancaster, Logan and surrounding areas.

Benches have recently become more popular in memorialization.  Throughout the cemeteries you will see a few benches as memorials along with a few strategically placed benches to help families linger more comfortably at their loved one's final resting place.   A bench can be attached to most any memorial or sandblast your life story into the bench itself.   We would love to help you find the perfect bench to memorialize your loved one's in Columbus, Lancaster, Logan and the surrounding areas.

Cast Glass Memorials

For the person who always stood out in the crowd, the person that words alone could not describe we offer cast glass memorials crafted to the shape, size and color you desire.  With thousands of suspended bubbles, organic textures and individual personalities, no two memorials will ever be alike.  Cast Glass can be used alone or with different material combinations to create a unique memorial.

Bronze Markers & Statues

Timeless and elegant-Bronze plaques provide an image of prestige and permanence.  With many sizes, shapes and finishes available using logos, artwork and pictures we help clients realize the vision they have for their bronze grave marker or project.  

Cemetery Lettering

A lot of folks have their final days planned for, from the funeral home to the final resting place with nothing but a final date missing from their memorial.  We have on-site cemetery lettering available and can add dates, names, epitaphs, etchings & photos on any existing memorial.  We service the Columbus, Lancaster, Logan and surrounding areas in need of a final date on their monument.